Charge Master – Pricing and Compliance

We understand the overlap in services experienced between managed care contracting, Chargemaster review/monitoring, and revenue modeling against the Chargemaster.

Increase in the use of Chargemaster limiter language as a contracting tool by payors presents the need for hospitals to:

• Maximize the impact of Chargemaster pricing changes
• Minimize the effect of limiter language by treating it as a known contracting parameter.

Medical Recovery Services will provide maintenance of the Chargemaster within the hospital’s patient accounting system.

This includes:
• Management of the charge code creation process
• Addition and activation of new codes to be charged
• De-activation of invalidated codes

Chargemaster services include:
• Competitive Pricing Study
• Code Compliance
• Public Pricing Resources
• Chargemaster Review
• Targeted Pricing/Revenue Maximization
• Pricing Sensitivity Analysis